BroBand Rockin’ Kids Concert raised $7,571 for TRF

Check out some highlights from our Rockin’ Kids Benefit Concert at The Falls Event Center! We had a blast and raised $7,571 for the Tyler Robinson Foundation. Cool sponsors donated over $2,500 worth of musical instruments and lessons to give away. In addition, $2,600 in scholarships were provided for #KidsPlayItForward students by Start With Happy. Best night EVER!

“As a school administrator, I could not have been more pleased with our experience in working with the BroBand. Their drive to build a stronger community made a perfect partnership for our schools and brought out the best in our faculty and student body. We benefited immensely from the #playitforward initiative and would gladly participate again.”
— Tyler Whittle, Executive Director, Summit Academy Schools

“Spending a night fundraising with the BroBand was an incredible experience that will stay with us for years to come. We are so grateful for the efforts made raising money for TRF, and in creating such a positive experience for everyone that attended. What a night! Rock on!”
— The Tyler Robinson family

“Rock University was so proud to be a sponsor of BroBand’s “Rockin’ Kids” concert! Our music studio is all about helping kids gain a love and passion for playing music and then sharing that talent with others. Seeing Kellen and Blake use their passion to help others in need is the most amazing thing we as teachers could hope for. The boys of BroBand have huge talent when it comes to playing guitar, piano, ukulele, etc; but they have even bigger hearts! They are using those hearts and their musical gift to help raise money for families that have children battling pediatric cancer.  We hope kids of all ages will be inspired by BroBand and their #kidsplayitforward campaign, inspired to use their god given gifts to help and inspire others. It only takes one kid playing at a talent show, an elderly home, a hospital or a charity event, to light a fire in another kid to do the same! Way to go BroBand! Their is so much negativity in the world today, Rock University Music Studio loved being a sponsor of such an incredible event that brought love and positivity to the world.”
— The Rock University Crew

The TRF BroBand concert was a true inspiration.  Being in the presence of families who were supported by the Tyler Robinson Foundation was very impactful.  The concert made a statement of love and support. Hearing the story of the Robinson family and having the amazing opportunity to meet this family was humbling to say the least. The outlook they have on life and service has made a profound impact in my life.  Bring able to attend the BroBand concert and feel the passion that the Hullinger boys have for their music as well as the foundation was admiring.  These two young men are selfless, and kindhearted individuals who brought awareness to a great foundation through music, the evening was enchanting.
— Kelci Vance, Summit Academy Jr High School Counselor 

“The coolest thing was seeing so many kids getting excited about playing music, you can tell that BroBand loves doing what they do but the other kids in the audience were having fun as well. There was a kid next to me that was singing along to the Imagine Dragons’ songs and that was cool to see. As a sponsor it’s just awesome to help get kids on the track of making music. Anything to get kids inspired to make music and stick with it is worth it.”
Kyle Rindlisbacher, Riverton Music


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