The Leader of the Band – Happy Mother’s Day

BroBand takes the stage at the 2018 Draper Arts Festival.

We couldn’t do it without our mom. You may not see her in these shots from the two gigs we played this Mother’s Day Weekend, but that’s because she’s working with the sound people, and getting the audience involved, and cheering us on, and re-arranging our set list, and making contacts for more gigs, and getting us food, and shooting video, and taking pictures, and a million other things that help us do what we do.

We love you, mom! You keep us in check and in shape (and in tune.) Thank you so much for always helping us.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Kellen & Blake
aka BroBand

BroBand Photo Collage

BroBand plays gigs at Even Stevens Provo and the Draper Arts Festival, May 11-12, 2018

Kellen Hullinger of BroBand takes a selfie at Even Stevens Provo.

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